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I told you how talented you were


Recently I spent a day with a sales person that my client regards as a strong performer. I was excited to spend the day watching him with customers and appreciating his skills in client development. I participated with Greg on several customer sales visits that day and while driving back to the office, he asked me for some coaching feedback. I could tell that Greg was both surprised and confused with my statement as he asked what I meant.

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January 10, After some good compliments, the last thing I did in Decembe. Well said! I've learned that those people are actually having an issue with themselves, not with me. I feel slightly sorry for these people as they probably are sad they never had any talents! This curve above is basically how we learn about things. So if someone tells me I am talented now, I just reply, "Hard work and practice, not talent.

Smile and say thank you to the gene pool. I was told I was "talented" many times. The kind you bake in the oven with lots of colors. This boosted my ego and made me feel confident about a lot of things. I repeated this same beginner to intermediate pattern over and over. I'm sure most people here have been called talented before by those around you so I was wondering if you feel like your hard work isn't recognized because people people attribute it to a natural gift?

I have experienced this a lot with different things throughout my life and it did me a disservice most of the time until I later realized what talent is and isn'. Rae Reich You can do whatever you like!

You are making great progress and things are going epic. I do a lot of polymer clay with my son. I agree with most of what you wrote except your definition of skill. We like making figurines from our imagination and then play with them later. He was trying to do the same. When I was teaching pottery classes, this was pretty common.

What it takes to be effective and talented

He looked up at me with awe. Then you either crash and quit, or you realize you have to get good at something it requires more than talent, it requires hard work, study, practice and finding help from others further along in what you want to do. It is rather frustrating. If you work hard, study and find someone to help you get through the rough spots; anyone can do most things well given enough time and relentlessness. Parents praising kids just for trying, regardless of the outcome. I have made hundreds with him from age 2 to 6. Joseph Fireborn 4 posts. I plucked off 10 pieces of clay the same size and I said "Sit your butt down and make 10 balls the best you can.

Pres 6 posts. Your uninformed optimism gets you a long way. October 1, Personally, I have no problem with being called talented. I was able to enter almost any field rather quickly and do reasonably well. I did a lot of art stuff, I did some music and other things.

Thank you, but please don’t call me ‘talented’

Everything is awesome when you first start something you are "talented" at. I just said, "hard work and practice son. When my work is hiring I tell people I know and they say things like, "I'm not talented like you" or "I'm not artistic enough" and it drives me nuts because people don't seem to connect pottery with a skill that can be learned.

If it's a stranger, or someone I don't like, I just forget about it. Nothing talented about it, hard work and a lot of arguments. I think people mean it as a compliment so I'd take is as it is without thinking too much about it. I have experienced this a lot with different things throughout my life and it did me a disservice most of the time until I later realized what talent is and isn't. I guess if you feel uncomfortable you could explain that for you it's more a matter of skill and like Min said, educate them to your views on that.

The entire time being told by my parents that I was so talented and I can do anything I put my mind to. Every once in a while, someone will say it in a backhanded way, with an "easy for you" implication. Glad to read you are not one of those parents.

My job to educate. Can you make these nice round balls for me?! Drives me nuts. September 27, So this post is a bit important to me. Well anyone can do anything they put their mind to, that isn't some special "talent" that only some of us have. I would go back to something I could do more easily.

If someone says you are talented, they probably have never taken something all the way to informed optimism, because they would know that it isn't talent, but hard work that go you to where you are! I would say most people never make it to informed optimism. Start here and line them up as you go. His school still has the "talent show" instead of the "show us your skills" show.

Eventually you hit crisis of meaning, this is where you either decide it wasn't for you, or you just put it off forever.

8 steps to help you answer the question “what am i good at?”

I understand that people don't mean it that way but I personally would rather be told that I am skilled in what I do because it has taken me years of hard work to get to where I am. I usually get comments from students, whether it be on the potter's wheel, or sketching something out.

Nobody magically gets better after doing something once. The idea of being talented is much more romantic then just thinking about putting in a lot of hours, study and patience to get something right. Mostly because everyone around him always attributes things to talent. Finally you have informed optimism! Eventually I would not gain any progress and I would switch to something else.

Marcia Selsor 4 posts. He got up in frustration and said he was going to go do something else. I have an example of this in my real life parenting that I am already adjusting my phrases with my son. This is just a subject that rolls around my head while I lay down at night and I feel that it was time to get other people's opinions, thanks!

By the 10th ball he had pretty much a perfect sphere. Most of the time when I hear it, I can tell that the person is including hard work and commitment as part of the package. So some backstory. And perseverance is what it takes to become highly skilled in a field. Even his teachers tell us that he is talented in some of his subjects at the parent conferences.

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About 4 months ago we were making some figures who had round balls as their body. The first few were crappy because he had a bad attitude, but as he kept going he got better and better. You start to realize your going to have to make some decisions, you have informed pessimism.

But in the end I am trying to persuade them to use different words. However it didn't do me any good, because I was "talented" I never really put in the practice when things got hard. Yea he is real talented in reading Mostly because his mother was in his room reading books to him for an hour every night before bed and we made him relentlessly sound out his words and learn phonics when he was in kindergarten.

But I wonder if people really see a big difference in those words to start with, or if they use it interchangeably to say they think your work is impressive Agree that it all depends on who said it and how. If it's somebody I like, or is a regular presence in my life, I'll try to teach them about the hard work and commitment part. I was rolling up balls and putting them together. Like I had just unlocked the universe for him, and he was slightly peeved it was that easy to do in just 10 balls.

He didn't get it. I know lots of people more creative than I am I think context and intent is everything here.

Talent quotes

When I was growing up I was pretty good at beginning most things. Then things get hard. I also feel that by using the word talent people are making these skills seem like something you have to born good at in order to do it. They'll say something along the lines of "How did you do that?!

Of course I have to keep re-enforcing this habit all the time, he still attributes hard work to "talent" a lot of the time. I mostly attribute it to the optimism curve. I made him come back and sit down. Common things you say are, maybe this isn't the stuff I want to do, maybe I should do something else instead, you start finding things to do instead of what you need to be doing to get better. I told him I wasn't going to make his clay balls for him.

While it might be a skill to practice relentlessly I would call that definition you wrote as perseverance.

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